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Finance lease

Leasing is a contract between the leasing company, known as the lessor, and you, the customer, the lessee. The lessor buys and owns the asset needed by the lessee, though sometimes the lessee can purchase the asset at the end of the lease. You, the lessee hires the asset from the leasing company and pays a rental over a predetermined period for its use.

At the end of this commercial leasing agreement, the relevant assets are sold and you receive the major share of the proceeds. As the asset owner, we claim the available writing-down allowances and reflect this in your monthly payments.

Finance lease benefits:

  • The benefits of ownership - without the downsides
  • The benefits of ownership with spread fixed rentals
  • Low deposit in the form of advance rentals, usually three rentals in advance, around 10% of asset price
  • Flexible rental payments if required can be tailored to match your cash flow
  • Fixed or variable interest options
  • VAT is payable on the rentals, not the purchase price, while payments can normally be offset against taxable profit
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