funding options

Sale and leaseback

A sale and leaseback allows you to raise money for your company from the sale of assets, while still retaining use of them. The cash from selling assets in this way can then be used to grow your business.

A wide range of assets can be sold and leased back. The main requirement is that they are capital assets that may sensibly be the subject of a long term lease.

The benefits of Sale and Leaseback:

  • The seller remains in day-to-day, operational control of the property
  • It frees up capital to for use elsewhere in the business
  • Tax benefits are realised by offsetting lease costs as an operating expense
  • It transfers the property value risk to a third party on a fully transparent basis
  • Provides a single profit and loss account benefit reflecting profit realised over the book value
  • Builds up the balance sheet by the exchange of fixed assets, at below market value, for cash
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